Monday, July 9, 2007

"What Jane Austen Ate and What Charles Dickens Knew" by Daniel Pool
I consider this a very interesting book; I'm always curious of how other people lived in the past. This book gives a great education on how people in the 19th century in England lived; what they ate, what they wore, their customs, their different jobs, diseases, the functions of doctors and surgeons, education, money, houses and furnishings, and domestic help. I have though decided after reading this book that I have no interest in eating black pudding. Black pudding was a dish made with a sausage and with blood and various other ingredients, the blood was spread on the outside giving it its name. The book gives many definitions of words that were used then, a reticule was a small bag to carry ladies personal articles, a faggot was a group of sticks tied together to be used for fuel, bedlam was an insane asylum that was run by the city of London, and arabs were street children.

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