Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"Yeats" by Frank Tuohy
William Butler Yeats
Born 13 June 1865 in Sandy Mount, County Dublin, Ireland. The family relocated to London for the father to pursue his career as a portrait painter, but later the family returned to Dublin. It was in high school that he started writing poetry, he also attended the Metropolitan School of Art. He had a life long interest in the occult, mysticism, and astrology. Later in life he married Georgie Hyde-Lees and had 2 children Anne and Michael. He was a Irish poet and dramatist, a driving force of the Irish Literary Revival and with Lady Gregory and Edward Martyn co-founded the Abbey Theatre, also serving as chief playwright in the early years. He was also a senator in his later years. In 1923 he was awarded the Nobel prize in literature. In his poetry he experimented with free verse, and was a master of traditional verse forms. Later his poetry was more personal. His poems are mystical, slow paced, and lyrical.
He died 28 January 1939

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