Thursday, August 16, 2007

Consider This An Intermission

Please consider this an intermission period, I am in the process of moving to another town, please check back with this site after Labor Day weekend. Thank you.
I recently finished Middlesex, I'm now reading East of Eden by John Steinbeck.
"The pedigree of honey
Does not concern the bee;
A clover, anytime, to him
Is aristocracy."
Emily Dickinson 1830-1886


J. Kaye said...

What did you think of Middlesex?

MissDaisyAnne said...

I will be posting on this book after I'm recuperated from our move. But, my book club had great discussions on this book last week when we met. The best question we discussed was; does society determine what is feminine and masculine, our answer was yes. We have 1 man in our group and it was interesting to get his perspective. But what did I think of Middlesex; strange book, not one I would ordinarily pick. It was not the hermaphridite story that bothered me but the beginning story in the book that I could never get past, I don't want to spoil it by giving to much away if you have not read the book.