Sunday, September 9, 2007

Find A Penny Pick It Up....

The Penny, a novel by Joyce Meyer and Deborah Bedford.

Young Jenny picks up a penny on a street corner and this then set's off a chain of events that will change her life. Hard to believe that by picking up a simple penny on the street would change her life, but it not only set's off a chain of events, but also gave her the hope of something better. Jenny and her older sister Jean, and their mother live in an abusive home. Their homelife is frightening, and the girls live with much shame. One of the events that happened to Jenny when she picked up the penny is she got a job at a jewelry store, the woman that hired her Ms. Shaw becomes Jenny's friend and confidante.
Sometimes we may never know that when we smile at someone, be friend someone, that we are lifting them up, giving them hope. I love that commercial about doing good deeds to others, helping people out, then passing it on.

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