Sunday, September 9, 2007

A Sea Adventure

The Cutty-Sark clipper ship built 1869, now in dry dock in Greenwich, England. The ship was damaged by a fire in May of 2007. I took this picture in October of 2001.

The Legend Of The Firefish, book 1 of the Trophy Chase Trilogy, by George Bryan Polivka.

This is a book of sea adventures, fantasy, love story, swash- buckling heroes, dangerous sea creatures, and of course villains.
Packer Throme a son of a fisherman knows where the firefish are, he stows away on a ship of a known pirate. Packer is a young man full of visions of glory, love for his sweet Panna Seline, and a will to fulfill his destiny. Well, of course there are sword fights and dangerous sea creatures, and a woman villain named Talon that all try to stop him. At the end of the book not everything is cleaned up nicely because of course book 2 is now out in stores.

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