Friday, October 5, 2007

Robin Hood

"Hood" by Stephen R. Lawhead
"Hood" is book 1 in the "King Raven Trilogy", book 2 is already out and the title of it is "Scarlet".
This is the first book I have read of Stephen Lawhead's and it was simply wonderful! Mr. Lawhead did a splendid job in his careful researching of the legends of Robin Hood, and the geography of the area he wrote about which is Wales. Mr. Lawhead weaves an excellent story of the beginnings of "his" tale of Hood. While I was reading this book I could easily picture in my mind the forests, tree's, mountains, caves, plant life, and animals of 11Th century Wales. I was able with the help of a pronunciation guide in the back of the book, able to pronounce the names and places and language of the "Briton" people. The main character is Bran ap Brychan, heir to the throne of Elfael. Bran must save his people from the Normans, those land hungry villains.

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