Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Christmas Secret

"A Christmas Secret" by Anne Perry, a small book but a real jewel. I loved many things about this book; the interesting characters, great dialogue, memorable quotes, the background of where they lived, and of course the books theme and message. It is the 14th of December 1890 and a young couple that have been married for less than a year have traveled from London to Cottisham in Oxfordshire, England. The couple's names are Dominic and Clarice, Dominic is a young curate that has come to this village to take the place of Revered Wynter who is supposed to have gone on a holiday. Dominic and Clarice learn there are many secrets in this sleepy winter village, secrets that could be deadly. One of the memorable quotes from the book is; Clarice speaking, "What's the best about Christmas? she asked, trying to strip away the trite, all the things that had already been said. What does it really mean to us? What...what is it for? It's not goodwill, a brief time of peace of generosity. It has to be more than that."
Dominic answers, "It's the begining of our faith, he replied. Christ coming into the world. He said it as if it was obvious." By the end of the book both Dominic and Clarice will both be better able to answer the question of, "What's the best about Christmas?"

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