Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Simple Book

I needed to read a simple and uncomplicated book, I chose book 2 in the Mitford series, "A Light In The Window" by Jan Karon. I had read book 1 "At Home In Mitford" several years ago, I am not sure why I never continued on with reading all of the Mitford books, I suppose I was side tracked by so many other books in my endless to be read pile. Book 2 "The Light In The Window" continues on with the story of Father Tim an Episcopal minister, his growing relationship with his neighbor Cynthia, and several characters in the town of Mitford in North Carolina. Their life in small town Americana Mitford is relaxing compared to most of us in our hectic lives. Father Tim also has a teenage boy living in his home, a boy that he took in to provide for a better life. Father Tim always struggle to make time for others, always busy with his daily committed life as a minister. He struggles to make the right decisions in being an affective shepherd for his congregation and for the town of Mitford. He struggles to define and then work on the building relationship with his neighbor Cynthia. Even though the book is simple, nothing serious, no great crisis, I still enjoyed reading the book, and I was inticed to keep reading, always wanting to see what was on the next page. Book 3 "These High Green Hills" is in my to be read pile, soon!

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