Friday, February 8, 2008

A Favorite Tale

I was sick again this week with another cold, then my computer went kaput, I am currently using my darling husbands work computer. Last week we had our 4 year old granddaughter with us, she also sneezed and coughed frequently, which is probably why I came down with another cold. Our granddaughter's name is Celeste and she loves for her Nana to read to her, she will generally sit next to me on my right side, and she will look at the pictures in the books while I am reading to her, but she will also watch my face when I read, I read with much expression and she will raise her eyebrows when I do, and copy my other expressions as well, I am sure we are very entertaining to others, but we always have such a great time in the land of books. I had checked out several books from the library by the author Beatrix Potter; "Beatrix Potter: The Complete Tales", "The Tale of Peter Rabbit", "The Tale of Tom Kitten", "The Tale of Jemima Puddle Duck", "The Tale of Jeremy Fisher", and "The Tale of Benjamin Bunny". These books have delicious illustrations of sweet looking animals, the stories are modest and non-threatening. Generally the stories of Beatrix Potter can be used as a teaching tool for children. "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" written in 1902 is the story of a light-hearted and adventurous young rabbit that lives with his mother and 3 sisters; Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cotton-tail. Young Peter invades the garden of Mr. MacGregor and he barely escapes the same fate as his father, but he does lose his shoes and little blue jacket. Peter does make it back home, but is decidedly ill from eating too much, and is put to bed by his mother and given chamomile tea. This story teaches children to obey their parents, parents rules are for their children's own protection. Last week was joyous, to live once again in a child's world, to read simple children's books, to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, to watch cartoons on the television, and to be asked innocent but honest questions.

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Ms. Place said...

Something is going around, for so many people are sick. However, you turned adversity around by spending time with one of my favorite authors, Beatrix Potter. Who could not love the mind and talent that thought up Peter Rabbit and friends?