Saturday, February 9, 2008

Rock and Roll

"Wonderful Tonight" By Pattie Boyd with Penny Junor
This book was an easy read and I read it in 2 days; it was written in an honest, but tactful way considering the many people that the writer included into this book. I did not feel that the author was trying to be sensational in her biography, her aim was to tell her story from childhood to her current life. Pattie Boyd is well known because she was married to George Harrison of the Beatles and to Eric Clapton. Both marriages put her into the spotlight of a life in rock and roll, she lived a life that was not private, she connected and intermingled with many other celebrities and well known people. I was born in 1964, only a few days after the Beatle's came to America for the first time. My older sister by 12 years was a big fan of the Beatle's and was able to go to a concert during this time. My sister owned every record that the Beatle's made, she was a adamant and enthusiastic fan. I remember when I was very young being entertained by watching her dance to the Beatle's music. The life that Pattie Boyd has lived is so far re-moved and different from most people's lives, but yet she seems in so many ways just like any gal, however, she really has lived a remarkable life.


Ms. Place said...

I listened to a portion of her reading her book on a podcast for the publisher. The passage was straightforward, as you describe, and she seemed a bit sad at the outcome of her relationship with both men.

cathy b. said...

You're in my prayers again this morning.

cathy b. said...

Prayers again.