Thursday, May 8, 2008

Follow Up To Amish Grace

On April 26 in "The Dallas Morning News" there was an article about one of the authors that wrote the book, "Amish Grace." The author Donald B. Kraybill was in Dallas recently speaking on "Amish Grace and the Power of Forgiveness." The article the journalist wrote for the newspaper was entitled "Public craves what Amish stand for," the author Donald B. Kraybill has turned his interest to Amish businesses, he said, "fewer than 5 percent of Amish businesses fail, compared with 50 percent for small businesses in the United States." Some of the reasons that the Amish businesses do so well is they have high work standards, they employ relatives often young family members, they integrate some technology, and what technology they are against they remake to be in agreement with their belief's, and their products are respected as being quality made. Americans are intrigued by the Amish in the way they live their lifestyle. The Amish live out their belief's in their actions, they are a statement without ever saying anything. How often those in the religious community speak a certain way, but their lifestyle suggests something else. People will retain and hold dear in what is done, rather than in what charming words have been said.

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