Friday, September 26, 2008

End of September

Coming soon is a post on epitaphs, also a post on "Jude the Obscure," this book has been difficult for me to read, it is gloomy and I already know it will not have a happy ending, but I am persevering.

October 31 is my anniversary, no not my wedding anniversary, but the 3rd anniversary of being cancer free. It was October 31, 2005 that I chose to have both of my breasts removed because of an early stage breast cancer. The cancer was caught very early, I feel blessed. October is a hard month for me; every magazine I read, commercials, internet, etc., is active with October being breast cancer awareness month. I am glad that we have a breast cancer awareness month, and very, very thankful for the Susan G. Komen foundation, but I would prefer to not have to think about "it" all of the time. Life has gone on, and I refuse to give my breast cancer any more attention than it has already has gotten, I am determined that it can only have "one" quilt square in my quilt of life.

According to the calendar autumn has arrived, but not yet for north Texas. Our temperatures are not as hot as they were, the nights are more tolerable, but I am yearning for the sound of the north wind, as it arouses and entices the leaves to undress.


Kalianne@BygoneBeauty said...

May God continue to strengthen you and may you abide in His peace no matter what life brings.

Vic, Ms Place said...

Oh, dear, I believe that incomplete comment was posted. I meant to say that so many of my friends have had breast cancer. One, who has been cancer free for five years still lives with the consequences daily. Every lump, every ache is taken into consideration. I hope and pray that you are truly recovered, and I agree with you - it is better to look forward than to worry about the past.

Good luck. May you stay healthy forever.