Monday, October 13, 2008

Noah Webster

Yale University is celebrating this week the 250th birthday of Noah Webster. Noah Webster is considered the father of American Scholarship and Education, he is also the founder of the first daily newspaper of New York, and the founder of the Merriam-Webster dictionary that was first published in 1828.
Noah Webster born October 16, 1758, in West Hartford, Connecticut. At age 16 he started attending Yale, graduating in 1778. He served in the Connecticut militia during the Revolutionary War. He earned his law degree in 1781, but started practicing law in 1789, later leaving the law for a career as a school teacher. He is also the author of textbooks, most notably the "Blue-Backed Speller" that taught 5 generations of children, also the author of political essays and newspaper articles. He also was a founder of Amherst College, and helped create America's first copyright laws. He married and had 8 children. He was a devout Christian.
He died May 28, 1843.


Imani said...

Hello dear Miss Daisy, I am back. I took a long leave of absence but in rifling through my long ignored inbox I spotted your short, sweet and concerned e-mail. So here I am with rueful apologies for not being a better correspondent. I hope that all is well with you and yours!

Anonymous said...

At last I am in your beautiful garden and being uplifted by the colours of autumn in your picture.
thank you as always for this place of sue