Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Child Prodigy

"The Life of Motzart" by John Rosselli
Joannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Motzart,
the world knows him as Wolfgang Amadeus Motzart, born 27 of January 1756. He was born in Salzburg to Leopold and Anna Maria Motzart. His parents had seven pregnancies but only two children survived to adult hood, an older sister Nannerl was five years older. At age five little Wolfgang began composing, he was playing the violin at age six, and the organ at age seven. When he was six he started his European tours. His instrument was the forte piano. He was considered an affectionate son and brother, he was small of stature at five feet four, he was pale.
He had many loves, but he married a Constanze Weber 4 August 1782. Her mother was unhappy, as well as his father and sister. They considered Constanze to be beneath him in education, and she was without money and status. Motzart married Constanze for love, and they conceived six children but only two lived, Karl Thomas and Franz Xaver Wolfgang. They were in debt often, they were never wealthy, but they were able to have servants and live well. Motzart loved expensive clothing. He loved and tried to emulate the lifestyle of the aristocracy. After his death Constanze paid off his debts and managed to live a comfortable life, she did re-marry.
Motzart composed more than 600 compositions in the classical era. He had his own style, he was versatile, and explored the chromatic harmony that was rare at this time. He adapted the Baroque style as he grew older. Two opera's that he is well known for are "The Marriage of Figaro and "The Magic Flute." "The Marriage of Figaro" was started in October of 1785 and was performed for the first time 1 May 1786. Their are some who believe that this is the greatest opera of all time. This opera is a comic opera or an opera buffa, it was a light opera with a happy ending. "The Magic Flute" was a quick success, it was his last great work of importance. The opera was in two acts and premiered in Vienna. Mozart died while composing the Requiem a mass for the dead. We are only left to guess of what he died of, the most likely is that of consequences of rheumatic fever that he had as a child, he probably suffered heart valve damage. He died at 1 a.m. on the 5 of December 1791.
I don't know why it has taken me so long to read books on the classical composer's, too many books too little time I guess. This was a very interesting read, well written, well researched.

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