Friday, November 7, 2008

I posted on my other blog that my dad has had a health crisis and that I made a very quick trip back to the town that he lived in. Dad had a twist in his small intestine, the surgeon removed half of his colon and a small portion of his small intestine, a ostomy bag was not needed. The surgery was a success and dad is continuing to improve and gain strength; but during dad's time in the hospital, he had a heart attack, his atrial fibrillation was not controlled, and he has a bad heart valve in the left ventricle. After a week in the hospital he was discharged to a nursing home where he continued to recover, physical therapy has helped tremendously. We had been told while dad was in the hospital that they did not expect dad to live long, then when dad was sent to the nursing home we expected that dad would live out his life in the nursing home, yesterday I brought dad home! He is still weak, but gaining strength and I am now permanently living back in my parents home in order to care full-time for dad. Dad will have physical therapy in the home several times a week from a home health care agency. It has been a whirlwind of stress, planning, activity, and emotional highs and lows. I am settling back into the home that my parents built, I had lived in this home for several years before in caring for dad, then moved away for over a year. I am settling into a new routine. I am grateful that I have a husband that is as devoted to my dad as I am, we are in this endeavor together.
My newest book to post on is by an author that is well known in the historical fiction community, she wrote several books on the monarchy of England, Scotland, France, Spain. Her books are not meaty, but they are interesting reads. The authors name is Jean Plaidy. I first found her books several years ago in the library, then over the years under new book covers and sometimes new titles in Walmart, Target and chain book stores.
"To Hold The Crown" by Jean Plaidy
The book focuses on the marriage and relationship between King Henry VII and his wife Queen Elizabeth of York, and his insecurities about his right to the throne, and of course the stability of the Tudor monarchy. They had 4 surviving children , at least until youth: Arthur, Margaret, Henry, and Mary. Arthur was the Prince of Wales that was the future King; but he died while he was in his teen years. He had only been married to Katherine of Aragon for a very short time; but their marriage was never consummated. Margaret became the wife of the King of Scotland. After Arthur's death, Henry became the Prince of Wales, and later was King Henry VIII. Mary married King Louis XII of France. The books does not go in to details about the War of the Roses, or how King Henry VII claimed the throne. The book ends at his death.


cathy b. said...

Your husband is a prize!!! What a blessing to be able to do what you're doing for your Dad!

J. Kaye Oldner said...

I am so-so-so sorry about your father. My prayers are with your family.

MissDaisyAnne said...

thank you, thank you, my dear friends!