Monday, November 24, 2008

An Innocent Victim

"Innocent Traitor" by Alison Weir
Lady Jane Grey was an innocent victim of her zealous and plotting parents, as well as others that craved power and prestige. She is a pitiable figure in British history, she was later celebrated by Queen Elizabeth I, as a "martyr to her faith."
Jane Grey was born in 1536, or 1537, to Henry Grey Marquess of Dorset and later the Duke of Suffolk, and Lady Frances Brandon. Frances Brandon was the granddaughter of Mary Tudor the sister to Henry VIII. Jane was the eldest with two younger sisters, Katherine and Mary. Mary was born with a deformed back; all three of the girls were made to suffer in their lives for being born females.
Jane was fully educated by the best teachers: in the classics, Greek, French, Latin, and other languages. She played the lute and harp. She is said by some to have been one of the most intelligent women of her century.
The book is fascinatingly told through the eyes, and feelings, and thoughts: of Jane, her mother Frances Brandon, Katherine Parr, Mary Tudor, Mrs. Ellen the nurse to Jane Grey, and John Dudley Earl of Warwick.
Jane Grey was of the reformed faith, she was a protestant. She was devout and knowledgeable in her beliefs. When Henry the VIII died and his son Edward came to the throne, Jane's parents had hoped she would be his queen. When Edward died, her family worked to quickly crown Jane as queen, not only in order for a reigning protestant to continue; but also to forward their plans for power. Mary Tudor the first born of Henry VIII, was waiting with her army of supporters to overtake the throne, and when she did, Jane went to The Tower. Jane had been queen of England for nine days. She had been quickly and unhappily married to Guildford Dudley, the son of The Earl of Warwick. Jane had thought a reprieve would come from Queen Mary, instead she was beheaded on 12 February 1554.
"The executioner ended 'it' with picking up the head of Jane Grey and saying, 'So perish all the Queen's enemies, behold the head of a traitor.'"


Melanie said...

Great review, I am so interested in all the Tudor families and their descendants. Another book to add to my wish list. Thanks.

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I wanted to drop by and wish you an awesome Thanksgiving. :)