Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sweating Sickness

In the books that I have read recently on Tudor history I have read about the dreaded and feared, sweating sickness. I am familiar with Bubonic plague and other epidemics that were wide spread in Europe, but I had not read anything that gave me a good grasp of understanding of what this sweating sickness was.
Seating sickness also known as English Sweate, is a mysterious disease that comes on suddenly and with much vigor, it starts with cold shivers, headache, severe pains in the neck and shoulders. After the cold stage that lasts half an hour to maybe three hours, then the hot sweating stage begins with delirium, rapid pulse, and thirst. There is no immunity from this disease, a person could be sick with it several times in their life until they die. The cause of the disease is a mystery, it could have been brought over by the French mercenaries that Henry VII used to gain the English throne, the first outbreak of it was at the end of the War of Roses. The disease first came to England in 1485 and the last outbreak was in 1551.

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A Gracious Home said...

The symptoms sound like lupus and FM except they never go away. They are better some days though. I had never heard of that sickness either. I need to read more books from that period. Doylene