Monday, December 1, 2008

A Blood Malady

"A Flaw In The Blood" by Stephanie Barron

One of the genres of literature that I am unfamiliar with is mysteries. I have only read maybe three mystery books in my life, the first mystery book that I read was when I was a young adolescent, it was a Nancy Drew book. I have always been more interested in reading about how "other" people lived, such as royalty, or pioneer women, or sea adventures, or other true life historical characters. Recently while meandering through our public library I came across a book that is a mystery book, but yet its characters are Queen Victoria's family. I had to read it.
Hemophilia is a recessive gene, an inherited disorder, caused by one of the proteins that is needed to form a blood clot, it is missing, or reduced. The person with this disorder does not bleed more, but they bleed longer. This ailment affects 1 in 5000 males, and it usually occurs in males. Hemophilia plagued the family of Queen Victoria and her offspring, sometime in this century it passed out of the British royal family.
The author of the book "A Flaw In The Blood" takes this disease and its mark on the family of Queen Victoria, and creates a story that is quite controversial. Is it plausible? Possibly.
An Irish Barrister named Fitzgerald and a Miss Georgina Armistead travel in Europe to search for the truth. Hot in pursuit of them is a Wolfgang Graf Von Stuhlen, a German Count. The information that they seek would put a nasty gash in the imperial family.

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