Monday, December 1, 2008

End Of The Year Questions

What makes a blog interesting?

How do you feel about long posts?

Are pictures important?

Are personal life stories from the author of the blog important?

Is having a primary theme important, or should the blog be eclectic?


Melanie said...

I corrected the link for the Casual Classic Challenge, sorry thanks for the catch!! I normally check them and forgot.

Kimberly said...

Miss Daisy Ann,

Thank you for stopping by my blog & leaving your imprint.

As for your questions:

What makes a blog interesting to me is how the author interacts with the reader and can relay something important with a powerful message.

If the post fits the first description I believe a post can be as long as the author wants without going down a rabbit trail and talking in circles. I love a good story.

Pictures certainly do bring the post alive but aren't necessarily important.

As for personal life stories... that's what makes the blog! I'm not the best in the world at writing stories and incorporating my life experiences, but I do throw hints of things in.

Themes or eclectic, no matter to me. As long as the message gets across that's all that matters to me.

Thanks for asking! Good post!


A Gracious Home said...

I think new things makes a blog interesting. I don't mind long posts. I love pictures. Pictures are important. I do like personal stories and pictures of the family. Doylene