Monday, December 15, 2008

God Ordained

"The First Elizabeth" by Carolly Erickson
I have read several books over the years on Elizabeth I, most have been good, some even very good, the book written by Carolly Erickson is brilliant. I am amazed at the talent of an author, when they can take a historical character that has been written about countless times, and write their book in such a way that the reader is kept reading page after page till the end. Carolly Erickson envisions for the reader the "damp and airless stone chamber in Bell Tower" that Elizabeth had been kept in. The reader understands the tedious and precarious walk, that Elizabeth must endure, in order to survive during her half sister Mary's reign. When Elizabeth did become queen she quickly and assertively ruled post-haste. Elizabeth was tactful, intelligent, wise, scrupulous, and stubborn, she worked hard feeling that it was God ordained that she became queen.

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A Gracious Home said...

I have the triology by Margaret Irwin. I have enjoyed all the movies both old and new about the queen. The books and movies seem to take you to that time period. I have not read any of the other versions of the book. I would like to. Doylene