Thursday, December 4, 2008

Rasputin Book One

"Rasputin, The Saint Who Sinned" by Brian Moynahan.
Grigory Efimovich Rasputin was born 22 January 1869 in Siberia. His parents were Efim Aklovlevich Rasputin and Anna Egorovna. Efim was a peasant farmer. Siberia was a desolate, mystical place; it was a land of criminals, runaways, and religious dissenters.
After Grigory's older brother died he became withdrawn and moody. He was thought of even at a young age to have the powers to heal animals and people. He was uneducated and illiterate until his teen years, and then when he was a man wrote as well as a 4 year old. He married a women possibly in 1889, and they had 3 children. His wife was tolerant of his behavior all of his life. He was loving to his children, he spoke kindly to his wife. He spent sometime in a monastery and then felt that it was his calling in life. He no longer ate meat, he did not smoke, he memorized parts of the Bible. In 1903 he left Siberia and arrived in St. Petersburg, through connections he became involved with Alexandra the tsarina, and other aristocratic women. Within a short time he was well known to many state officials, and the famous. He was recognized on the street, one woman that saw him on the street commented that, "his eyes were the eyes of a maniac." He was a complex person, people feared him, yet were drawn to him, people felt he had physic abilities, women were drawn sexually to him, he seemed to have power over their will. The tsarina Alexandra referred to him as "her guide and protector sent from God." She consulted him and relied on him for advice, and for the healing of her son Alexis that had hemophilia. All of her family were charmed by him, and thought of him as "their sweet friend." The royal family cocooned themselves from the heart of the Russian people, from the truth of what the country thought of them. They had convinced themselves that they were beloved by the true people of Russia. In truth the Russians thought that the royal family was a diseased rotting carcass, and must be done away with. Rasputin life by 1916 was hanging by a thread, many wanted him eliminated. A man that was a member of the royal family, another seedy and interesting character accepted the murderous assignment. Prince Felix Yusupov age 29, married to a beautiful woman that was the niece of the tsar. Felix grew up in a capricious family; he was spoiled, a braggart, a transvestite. He would amuse himself by dressing as a woman and then stand on the street corner with the prostitute's. Felix was the murderer of Rasputin, beating him, shooting him 3 times, the final shot in the brain. Rasputin body was disposed in the river, his body later found frozen. His date of death is 29 December 1916. There was no formal investigation, nor a trial, even though most people knew who had committed the murder.

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