Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Russian Family

"The Beginning of Spring" by Penelope Fitzgerald
This is a short book 187 pages; but an interesting story about a family living in Moscow in 1913, this is shortly before the Revolution. The story begins with the wife Nellie leaving her husband and at first she thought of taking her children with her. The husband upon finding out that his family is departed is stunned, puzzled, lost. The husband is Frank Reid and he is the main character, although his family and servants, and the people that work for him are contained in the story as well. The children are returned to him never leaving the train station, life goes on for them in the household without their mother. A woman named Lisa Ivanovna is hired to care for the children. As the story unfolds the reason for Nellie's departure becomes clear and communicated. There are also small tidbits of information for the reader throughout the story to bring to light the problems in the marriage. The book does not end neatly, meaning it leaves the reader with not knowing the end, the finis.
My favorite quote from the book, "Remember that what binds us together is the knowledge of the wrongs we have done to one another."

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A Gracious Home said...

Sounds like a good book. I wonder why the ending wasn't clear. The picture of the trees and snow are beautiful. Doylene