Monday, December 15, 2008

A Winter Read

Before I leave my mini study on Russia, I have one more book to post on, "The White Russian" by Tom Bradby. This is a murder mystery, and a fictional look, at the days before the Russian revolution. The location setting is St. Petersburg, or Petrograd as it is called in 1917. Alexander Nikolaevich Ruzsky, or Ruzsky as he is called throughout the book, is a detective, he has just returned to duty after being sent to Siberia for three years. He is separated and estranged from his wife Irina and son Michael; they live with Ruzsky's father, brother Dmitri, and his German born wife Ingrid. Two bloody and frozen bodies are found on the frozen river Neva just outside of the tsar's Winter Palace. By the end of the book there are four murdered people, a country coming apart, demonstrations, a revolution beginning, and desperate people taking great risks. All of the love interests are ill fated, a reflection of the dynasty of the country. Ruzsky is a man with vices, but he has great love and devotion to his family, he strives to do the right thing.
This book is expertly written, captivating, rich in story line, a lofty read for a bitterly cold winter night.

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A Gracious Home said...

Winter can be so beautiful. Our deck furniture is covered in ice. The ice sickles are great. We watched them as they grew longer and longer. I haven't read the book you mentioned. I love to read when the weather is like this. Doylene