Wednesday, January 14, 2009


The concentration camp Dachau is located near Munich, Germany, it opened in March 1933. It was the first concentration camp in Germany, when it first opened it was used for political prisoners, later there were Jew, Christian, and Soviet prisoners. Dachau was the model that other concentration camps would use. It is believed that a total of 200,000 prisoners were here, and 35, 613 people were murdered. The camp had a crematorium and also medical experiments were performed. Dachau was liberated April 29, 1945, it was the 2ND concentration camp to be liberated by the allies.
At the entrance to Dachau, just as at several other concentration camps, a phrase is posted on the gate, "Arbeit Macht Frei" meaning "work shall set you free." This phrase would have been viewed by all of the prisoners that walked through the gate, to their dismal and heinous Gehenna.
The pictures above were taken by me in October 1999.


Anna said...

It must've been a powerful experience to visit the former camp. Thanks for sharing the photos.

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MissDaisyAnne said...

Yes, it was, maybe surreal is the right word, ominous, dismal, no word seems to fully express what I felt. I will never forget the experience.