Wednesday, January 14, 2009

War Through the Generations:WWII

The Nazi Party, which came from "The National Socialist German Worker's Party" lead by Adolph Hitler came to power January 30, 1933. They believed that they were "racially superior" and that the Jews were thus inferior to them. The Nazi's believed that the Jews were a threat to the racial purity of their precious Aryan race. The Nazi's also attacked the Roma or Gypsies, the disabled, Polish and Russians, and other Slavic races, also Communists, Jehovah's Witnesses, and homosexuals.
The word Holocaust is of Greek origin, from the words "holos" meaning completely, and "kaustos" meaning burnt. In Hebrew the word is "haShoah" meaning calamity, catastrophe, disaster, or destruction, in Yiddish the word is "churben."
"A Cup of Tears, A Diary of the Warsaw Ghetto" by Abraham Lewin, edited by Antony Polonsky, translation by Christopher Hutton
Abraham Lewin was a husband, father, son, grandson, cousin, friend, and teacher. He was a man that was in love with his wife Luba, tenderly loved and cared for his daughter Ora, was passionate about his role as a teacher; but yet he was a Jew, and this meant that he and 445,000 other Jews, would be cram packed into a walled off ghetto, that had been established for the Jews to live in. A Jewish council called "Judenrate" was responsible for carrying out promptly the laws. The daily food ration in 1941 was 184 calories for a Jew, 669 calories for the Polish, and
2, 613 calories for a German. The Jews lived day in and day out with the dire and dismal cognizance that they were going to die, whether it would be today, or tomorrow, it would eventually happen. They tried to live with hope that somehow they would be saved, but as time progressed and the situation became even more dismal, despair and depression was consuming. Abraham Lewin kept a diary of the painstaking ordeal, the diary was from March 29, 1942 to January 16, 1943. He wrote of the people he saw around him, the smugglers, the people he passed on the streets in the ghetto, the people that he saw outside the window of where he lived, he wrote of the rumors that they heard, he wrote of the depravity of the German Nazi's and their blood lust for the Jews. Abraham Lewin wrote the story of what was going on around him, he wrote very little of his own family, maybe that was too painful. During the deportation most of the Jews were sent to Treblinka and gassed. It is presumed that Abraham and his family were murdered at Treblinka. His diaries were found after the war hidden in milk churns.


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What a sad story. Sounds like a powerful book. Another to add to my list!

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This one is going on my list of reads for this challenge. I've been to Warsaw, seen monuments dedicated to the Warsaw uprising, and seen a couple dozen movies on the same topic. Thanks for the review!