Wednesday, January 7, 2009

War Through The Generations Challenge

One of the book challenges I am taking part in for 2009 is "War Through the Generations: WWII."
This challenge is near, and dear to my heart; my dad was in World War II, he was in the Army, 2ND Infantry Division, 2ND Signal Company. My dad was in the D-day invasion and in the Battle of the Bulge. I have written several posts on his experiences on my other blog @
For many years I have read books on World War II and on the Holocaust, the book that affected me the most was a book written by Laurence Rees entitled "Auschwitz: A New History." In 2007 I read 8 books in succession on the Holocaust, 2 of the books were by Laurence Rees. I read on this subject until I had nightmares, I was haunted by the images in my mind of the children that had suffered horrifically.
Sometimes I feel so inadequate in posting on certain books that I've read, especially on the subject of the Holocaust. I feel inadequate in that I am not a professional, I have not studied for years on a certain historical subject. I am just a gal that is middle age, that lives in America, in Texas, trying ever so gingerly to write on something that was so horrific, so hard for my mind to comprehend, that I am beside myself, inept, unable to put together words that could ever express what I am feeling.
I have read 2 books this week on the Holocaust: "Sarah's Key" by Tatiana De Rosnay and "Winter Passing" by Cindy McCormick Martinusen. I hope to start reading tonight the book "Defiance" by Nechama Tec. I must read at least 5 books on WWII in order to complete the challenge, I have not decided yet what my other 2 choices will be.

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Anna said...

I'm impressed with your reading so far for the challenge!

It is hard to put thoughts about the Holocaust into words. I found that hard with the 10 Days: Anne Frank book I reviewed recently.

Still, I look forward to your thoughts.

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