Wednesday, January 14, 2009

War Through the Generations: WWII

"Auschwitz, A History" by Sybille Steinbacher
This book is a detailed history of Auschwitz, the concentration camp, and the town of Auschwitz.
Auschwitz or Osweicim was first mentioned in writing in 1178, it saw many upheavals in the history of the town and the area it was in, sometimes being under German influence, or Polish. Jews are first recorded as being in this area in the mid 1400's. In the later half of the 19TH century most of the Jewish community were professionals, many owned a business; while the Catholic community was almost all farming related. In early September of 1939 Germany invaded Poland and Auschwitz was taken. Auschwitz the concentration camp was started in June 1940. There may have been as many as 1.5 million Jews murdered at Auschwitz, the count is set at 960,000. The book gives horrific details of the gas that was used on them, the medical experiments, the crematorium. The book also addresses the Polish people that lived in the town and their lack of response to what was undeniably going on. The Polish towns people could smell the crematorium, the sickly smell of burning flesh, but yet they explained it all away. This book is a must read for anyone interested in knowing the history of the most infamous concentration camp, Auschwitz.


Anna said...

Sounds like an interesting book. I'd like to read it, though I'm sure parts of it will keep me up at night.

I created a post for your review here on War Through the Generations, and I linked to it on the book reviews page as well.

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Sandy Nawrot said...

I've actually visited Osweicim. My husband and I spent most of a day at the camp, and when we left, we quickly left the town. It is an unassuming town, but to us, was haunted. I couldn't imagine eating in that just had an aura that you couldn't shake off.