Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Cathedral in Armagh, North Ireland

St. Patrick's Cathedral in Armagh, North Ireland began being built on March 17, 1840 and it was completed July 24, 1904. The history of this church can be found http://www.stpatricks-cathedral.org
My parents and I, my sister and brother in-law were there in October of 1999. On the day that we climbed the steep steps up to the church it was a blustery day, but we did not let the weather, nor our huffing and puffing, deter our spirits. My dad visited this Church when he was stationed in Armagh during the pre-days before the D-day invasion. My dad was in the 2ND Infantry Division, and he was housed along with other soldiers in a building in Armagh. My dad has wonderful memories of the town of Armagh and Portadown, he met many wonderful people there, including a family by the name of Villier's that lived in Armagh. The Villiers gave my dad a beautiful silver spoon as a gift the last time he saw them. Mr. and Mrs. Villier's invited my dad into their home often for a meal. My dad had met the Villier's family when he attended First Methodist Church in Armagh. Unfortunately there was not any contact with this family after dad left, but daddy has remembered them fondly. The spoon is a cherished reminder of this family, and it is tucked safely away in the china cabinet.

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