Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Review: America In The 1930's

"America In The 1930's"
by Jim Callan

128 pages

This book is the first in a long list of other books I will be reading on The Great Depression.
This book I found on my trip to the library yesterday, it is considered a young adult reader book; but I felt it gave a very good and concise view of the 1930's and The Great Depression. The book touches on many factors that made up the 1930's: general life, movies and radio shows, the music, the presidents that held office during this time, the chain of events that caused the collapse of Wall Street and the stock exchange that led to The Great Depression, the plight of the farmers, the growing threat of Hitler in Germany, the Spanish war, the dust storms that plagued the heart of America, the people that left in mass to California, and the laws and acts that were passed during this time.
I enjoyed reading this book, it was a great stepping off point on my Great Depression challenge.

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