Saturday, June 13, 2009

Review--"Home, A Memoir of My Early Years"

"Home, A Memoir of My Early Years" by Julie Andrews

When I think of Julie Andrews I immediately have a picture image in my mind of her movie roles as Maria in "The Sound of Music," or "Mary Poppins." Both of those movies were made in the mid 1960's, about the same time I was born. Her four octave voice, English accent, and lovely smile, are pleasant memories to me.
Julie begins her book with brief descriptions of her grandparents, her knowledge of them is sparse. Julie writes about her birth and childhood, her parents and siblings. She writes of her childhood beginnings in her education, her singing instructions, her early singing engagements, the various and interesting people she met through her early years, and her musicals on stage. She writes of her experiences with several well known celebrities, I found her memories of Richard Burton the most interesting. The book ends with the marriage and then birth of her first child.
I enjoyed the reading the book, I feel that it gave me a clearer understanding of her life. The book is well written and I feel she was honest in her feelings about her family members. I do not consider the book a gossip tell all, it is very tastefully written. Her voice is as the reader would expect; pleasant, calm, polite, and gracious.
The only thing that I would say I disliked is the sudden ending of her book, I wanted to know the rest. I am in hopes that a book two will be written by her.

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