Saturday, June 13, 2009

Review--"Secret Lives"

"Secret Lives" A DVD film, by Academy Award winner Aviva Slesin

I had taken part earlier this year in a challenge to read books on World War II, I am not sure if DVDs count. This is my first posting on a DVD, but I felt it is too important of a film to be missed.

While browsing through the DVDs that Amazon has available on the Holocaust, I came across this documentary on Jewish children that were hid during the Holocaust.
"Secret Lives" surrounds the interviews of several of the children that were hid, and the families that hid them. The film is excellent in that it gives the audience the full scope of the impact in what the families went through when they gave up their children, the feelings that the children had when placed with "new families," and the new families that grew to love the children as their own. The film follows the children after the war, some of the children stayed with their new families because their parents had died, some of the children were uprooted again and went to live with other relatives, or to live with a parent they did not know. The film does delve into how the now adult children of the Holocaust feel, and the journey that they have been on in understanding what they went through, and in what they lost.