Monday, September 14, 2009

Book Blogger Appreciation Week

Book Blogger Appreciation Week September 14-18, 2009

Over at my other blog A Well-Watered Garden I posted on what blogging means to me, the history of how I came to start blogging--another words my testimony on blogging!

This posting will be on those blogs that are my favorite and that have influenced me the most.

1. J Kaye's Book Blog I believe she and I started blogging about the same time, both of us knew a mutual friend from over at Shelfari.
Her blog is amazing, witty, resourceful, engaging, trendy, and of course with 621 followers---popular. I am proud of J Kaye she has worked with joie de vivre and spunk. J Kaye has spent much time with her blog and the is respected for this.

2. Vic author of Jane Austen's World and co author of Jane Austen Today. See her biography @
Laurel Ann of Austenprose is the other co-author of Jane Austen Today---I have not had the pleasure of knowing her as well as I do Vic.
Vic's blogs are the go to blogs for Jane Austen, and for historical life from the early 19TH Century time period in Great Britain.
Her blogs are a luscious garden of treasure on Jane Austen herself and her books.

3. Becky @ Becky's Book Reviews and also Operation Actually Read Bible.
I don't remember when I first met Becky, it seems I've always known her. Maybe when a kindred spirit is met you do feel as if you've always known them.
Becky you are a blessing and a joy! Even if we never meet this side of heaven you are a blessing on your blogs to me. You are faithful, honest, helpful, inspiring, and a friend who reads more books than I do!

4. Cathy @Word-Vessel
Cathy is also a faithful blogger of book reviews, tid-bits on writing and also her journey of writing, author reviews, and helpful advice.

I think highly of all of the blogs that I follow, do not ever feel that I ignored any of you because I did not mention you in the above! I visit your blogs often, not always having time to post a comment.
Every week I try and post the Roundabout on my blog @ A Well-Watered Garden, I visit all of the blogs I follow and then post the ones that I felt were noteworthy for the week. It is a way for me to give them all back a blessing!

I love reading and blogging, but those that know me well know that I care for my elderly dad, because of this I do not have the time to work on my blogs everyday, sometimes it maybe several days---thank you to all of my loyal followers!

Blissful Blogging!

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Laurel Ann said...

Thanks for your link and kind words about Vic. She does have the best info and fun with Jane Austen on the net.

Cheers, Laurel Ann