Sunday, November 22, 2009

2009 Reading Challenges

I am standing at 77 books read this year, short of the 100+ Reading Challenge. I have another month to go, maybe I can squeeze in a few more.
I am standing at 17 books read from the Library Reading Challenge. My goal was to read 50 books. I have 3 library books in my stack to read, 1 of them I'm 1/2 the way finished.
I am standing at 8 books read for the War Through The Generations Challenge WWII. I have 1 more book in this genre in my stack to read before the end of the year. I met my goal much earlier this year, my goal was 7 books.
I had also signed up for the Casual Classics Reading Challenge and the Victorian Challenge, and the Steinbeck Challenge, Elizabeth Gaskell, and I think the Women Writer's of 18-19TH Century.
Did not even read 1 book in any category!!!!!

So, what did I do!
I've  read 77 books as of November 22.
This year I started doing book reviews for 6 different publishers and groups. I have also been contacted a few times this year from authors independently to do reviews for them.
I read all of the New Testament, some of the books more than once. I have also read Esther, Micah, Psalms, and I'm currently reading Isaiah and Luke (again.)

I will post again at the end of 2009 or the first of the new year to let you know of any additional books I've completed. I also will post any new challenges I've signed up for in 2010.

Blissful Reading!


J. Kaye said...

There are a few challenges I did really well on...and some I didn't.

Anna said...

You've made great progress! Thanks again for your commitment to the WWII reading challenge.

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