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Chosen, The Lost Books~1 by Ted Dekker
Thomas Nelson, Published January 2008, 260 pages of story, Young Adult

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This book was bought by me for the purpose of reading/reviewing.

Chosen is a book about four young and confident recruits that are given a mission to retrieve four marked Catalina Cacti, and return by nightfall with out breaking a single needle. These four recruits stumble in to a more hazardous mission to find the seven lost books of history. The recruits are named Johnis, Silvie, Darsal, and Billos. Each of them are Forest Dwellers in a fantasy land that only Ted Dekker could create. There are several villians in the story, but these are not ordinary villians, they are dark and evil. The readers are introduced to the Horde, Teeleh, Shataiki, and a Scab. The Forest Dwellers pray and give praise to Elyon, which means God Most High. This is a Christian Fantasy Fiction written for young adult readers, but it is a favorite read among many adults.

This is the first Ted Dekker book that I have read and I am impressed! I am craving to read more of his books. He has two books that have recently been published and one that will be published soon.
They are:
Burn published January 2010
Tea With Hezbollah published February 2010
The Bride Collector will be available April 2010

I felt that most importantly Chosen is one of the best works of Christian Fantasy Fiction that I've read.
I am amazed at Ted Dekker's creativity, what a talent!
The story never stops, even to the last page the reader knows full well that there will be a book two.
The young recruits are typical of teenagers with angst, a mix of unbridled confidence and indecision, and
The evil villains are loathsome and fearsome. The descriptions that were given of the villains gave me the ability to nearly smell them myself, and definitely squirm in my seat.
I love the allegory of the story from the beginning to the end.
Their world was described as mostly pale desert and sand, except for the seven forests. In the center of each was a green lake that they had to bath in daily. This kept their skin clean and pure.
There are several points in the story that is related to Christianity and for this I loved it even more.

In the Lost Books series Book 2 is Infidel, Book 3 is Renegade, and Book 4 is Chaos. All are available.

Blissful Reading!

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