Friday, April 30, 2010

Harriet Tubman, Secret Agent by Thomas B. Allen

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Published by National Geographic Society 2006, 192 total pages
African American Heritage/Civil War/Spies/Famous Women

Illustrations by Carla Bauer

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This book was borrowed from the library for the purpose of reading/reviewing.

This is an excellent book on the history of the Underground Railroad and Civil War.
I feel I gained knowledge about what the African American slaves endured, the build up to the Civil War, the role that Harriet Tubman and others tirelessly and sacrificially labored for the cause of freedom for all, African American's that were spies for the Union, and the codes that were used as a safe way of  passing information.
The book is written in an informative arousing approach.
Historical facts are not just a date and a definition, but they are brought to life in story.
There are wonderful pen and ink illustrations of maps and people of history.
The book is a hardback and small in size, I found this to be easy to hold.
I feel the book would be non threatening to a young adult reader that may be intimidated by a large size history book.
The cover has an antiquarian look, with an almost engraved pen and ink drawing of Harriet Tubman.
An organized cast of characters is listed in the fore front of the book---for this I say thank you ( I love a list of characters and especially pictures of them.)
The book focuses on Harriet Tubman; yet it gives so much more information on the Civil War and other American's that believed and risked all for freedom.

This book is now a favorite of mine!

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