Friday, April 16, 2010

Review-Sitting Bull Remembers

Written by Ann Turner
Illustrated by Wendell Minor
Harper Collins Publishers, 2007, ages 6-9, Biography

This book was borrowed from the library for the purpose of reading/reviewing.

This is the story of Sitting Bull--told in his voice, a haunting reminiscing voice. He is thinking back to the life he'd had and his people had before, before the reservations. He tells the story of his people the Hunkpapa band of Sioux Nation. He was chosen as the war chief in 1869, he was chief of several Sioux bands that had united. Sitting Bull tells the story of the white men that destroyed the way of life for his people. He tells the story of The Battle of Little Bighorn and Custer.
This is a moving, emotional heart-wrenching book. It is told through Sitting Bulls voice-- his thoughts.
I felt this is a book that would need to be explained to a 6-9 year old, which is the age range that Harper Collins Publishers suggests. Most children of this age do not understand what happened to the Native American in the 1800's, they do not have a concept of a reservation, and they've probably never heard of The Battle of Little Bighorn. Yet, this is a must read, do not let explaining the book stop you from reading it to your child or children in a classroom, this can be an opportune time to have a discussion on Native American history.

Blissful Reading!


Rebecca Fabian said...

Thanks for finding me through Book Hop! You have a great blog, and I love your commitment to reading books on all Americans, especially Native Americans who so often get left out of our cultural history. Native people still exist in the States, and not enough non-Natives remember that. I appreciate your thoughts!

Annette said...

You welcome! I'm enjoying this!