Friday, May 21, 2010

Review-Library Mouse by Daniel Kirk

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My copy of this book is from Scholastic, bought at a book fair at my granddaughters school.

This book was purchased by me for the purpose of reading/reviewing....and treasuring.

For ages 4-8, 32 pages, published 2007

You've probably noticed how many children's book characters are either mice or rats. I find that interesting, can someone explain this?

The cover of Library Mouse shows a mouse with drawstring pants holding a Popsicle stick sword surrounded by books. Comical that the mouse is standing on a cat book with 1 large eye underneath his feet. All the illustrations are colorful, vibrant, bold. They are pictures that pop out at you.
Sam is the literary mouses name and he feels blessed to live in a library. Sam decided that he will write books, and during the night he places these newly written books upon the shelves in the library. Soon he is a famous writer and his readers want to know who he is? What will Sam do?

This book brought tears to my eyes it is such a special book! The book is endearing, approachable, memorable; the book holds a precious key for children, a key that will take them through a door of opportunity and magic.

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Blissful Reading!

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