Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Back Of The Bus by Aaron Reynolds and illustrated by Floyd Cooper

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For ages 4-8, 32 pages, published by Philomel Books a division of Penguin Young Readers, published  2010

This book is such a great book, and should be read in the classroom. My granddaughter Celeste of course asked me several questions, in her little lifetime she does does not know about segregation. In my own lifetime (I was born in 1964) I vaguely remember when integration began in school (1st grade for me). My father--age 87 remembers well segregation. I am so proud of my father, he told me that he would on purpose sit in the back of the bus just to make a point that he was no different than people of color. I love my daddy more and more everyday.
Back of the Bus is based on the true historical story of Rosa Parks a woman that was tired from her day at work, and she sat down in a seat on the public transportaion bus in Montgomery, Alabama. When she was told to move to the back of the bus where people of her color sat, she refused, and then she was arrested.
The fictional part of the story that the author weaves in to the real story, is of a little boy and his mother that are sitting in the back of the bus traveling to their home observing what is happening to Rosa Parks. The little boy does not understand and his mother is concerned about what this act will mean for them.
The illustrations and words are full of the immensity of the little boy's world. The facial expressions are evocative and demanding from the reader to grasp the importance of this act.
This is a world---and a prejudice---that I cannot grasp, it sickens me.
Yet, this act (what Rosa Parks in courage did) was a beginning, that even through today should incite us to not allow prejudice and hatred and segregation to happen ever again. (I guess I'm preaching)
This is a great book, be prepared to explain to the child on a level that they will understand about this story.

Blissful Reading!

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Loren said...

I couldn't agree more! Great book!

Wanted to let you know I posted my award and did it on my family blog! (themagoosnews) hope you don't mind! Thank you again for sharing it with me!

Enjoy your granddaughter! Heavenly days with them isn't it :)