Thursday, June 10, 2010

Insects: Biggest! Littlest! by Sandra Markle, Photographs by Dr. Simon Pollard

Link for book at the publishers:

Published by Boyds Mills Press, 2009, 32 pages, ages 5-7

My granddaughter enjoys going out in the backyard and collecting insects. Not just any insect, but pill bugs and snails. She is too girly-girl to collect crickets, or anything she perceives to be "gross" or that might jump on her. When we were at the library yesterday we looked for books on insects. Some of the books we saw were to detailed and scientific for a 6 1/2 year old. The book Insects: Biggest! Littlest! was just her "size".
The book at 32 pages goes over Praying Mantis, Giant Stick Insect, Moths, Butterflies, Weevils, Honeybees, and several more insect varieties. Each are displayed morphed in view--all their little faces and insect parts are easily seen. A brief explanation is given for each of the insects taught.
I found this to be a fascinating book and my granddaughter loved it! Of course I heard several eews and yucks, but she was glued to each page peering at each of these creatures.
The language is thankfully adapted to her age level so that she not only could understand, but not become lost in too long of explanations. The photography is wonderful and I'm still staring at the eyes of these insects, they look like they are looking at me too!

Blissful Reading!

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