Saturday, August 7, 2010

Once Upon MacDonald's Farm by Stephen Gammell

I had a difficult time finding a front cover picture of the book, maybe the hardback is out of print now. I did find a paperback @ Barnes and Nobles:
It is the same book, same story, difference only in hardback versus paperback.
The book that I read/reviewed was borrowed from the library.

Stephen Gammell is the illustrator/author of several children's books. I found a short biography of him and listing of his books @

Published by Simon & Schuster Children's Books for Young Readers, originally published in 1984, the edition I read in 2000
Pencil illustrations, 32 pages, for ages 5-8

What song and story are all children taught when young? Old MacDonald Had A Farm.
It is refreshing to find a twist on an oldie but goody favorite.
I found this book in the library yesterday when I took my granddaughter for our weekly visit. I am aware that this book is older, yet this should never ever deter a reader from a book. Books to me never age, they only become more precious.
Farmer MacDonald is a bit lonely on his farm and he recruits some interesting animals to help. MacDonald has a sense of humor and is somewhat daft, but we love him anyway and laugh along with him.
This book is sure to bring giggles and rolling of eyeballs, it is a light hearted enjoyable read.

Blissful Reading!

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