Thursday, September 16, 2010

Solitary: The Solitary Tales Book #1 by Travis Thrasher

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Solitary: The Solitary Tale Series Book #1 published by David C. Cook in 2010, 336 pages
Young Adult Fiction/Suspense/Mystery/Romance, for ages 12 and up

Wow!!! This is an awesome book!
I read the last half of this book on the night that tropical storm Hermine came through central Texas, with the wind howling and heavy rain falling it was a perfect back drop for a suspense novel.

Chris Buckley is a 16 year old boy that has just moved to the town of Solitary, North Carolina with his mom Tara Buckley. Tara was raised in the town of Solitary and when her marriage fell apart Solitary seemed like the perfect place---perfect faraway place to move to. On the first day at the new high school Chris meets 3 girls that befriend him, 1 girl in particular catches his eye--Jocelyn. Chris and Jocelyn have a building relationship, but there is always a sense of a hidden problem in her life. Chris encounters the local bullies at school, he uses his wits and charms and out-maneuvering to try and escape. All throughout the novel the storyline is building and building with crescendo, till the point that I was ready to scream and throw my hands up in the air and state "what is going on here?" What I mean is a darkness and shadowing of evil is eluded to all throughout the book, little snippets of it here and there, strange signs, all of which continue to lead the reader on-ward, trying to figure out exactly what is going on. Chris not only has charm and charisma, but he is comical and sarcastic. He is a thinker, less a reactor. He ponders and plans. He is curious--maybe to bold in his curiosity, at times I felt like "no way, I would not do what he is doing." The story Solitary has several characters that are all "odd" some even "creepy". The book is an entree of characters, each seem to have their own secrets and strange behaviors. Some characters that because of their title the reader would think is a trusted person, but then in Solitary is there anyone that can be trusted?

Blissful Reading!

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