Thursday, February 3, 2011

Book Review: Three Cups of Tea The Young Readers Edition by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin and adapted by Sarah Thomson

I'd heard about the first book written for the adult reading audience, Three Cups of Tea and often thought "I need to read that book". Instead, I purchased the Young Adult Readers Edition to read and review on A Garden of Books.

I read the entire book yesterday evening, I was just entranced with the story of Greg Mortenson and his loving devotion to building schools for the children of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The story begins with Greg making a trip to Pakistan to climb one of the mountains there named K2. After Greg's sisters death, he had wanted to do something in honor of her by placing her necklace on top of this mountain, but he got lost. I guess that could have been the end of that story, instead he wandered into a village and was taken care of by a family that introduced him to a need that would become his life endeavor and mission---building schools for kids. 

I thought this was a great book! In so many ways!
It is a book that can be used in the classroom to introduce students to a Muslim nation, the middle east, poverty and illiteracy, war.
It is a book that introduces kids to what can become their future as well--humanitarian work. As an adult I wonder, "what can I do?" This book is an encouragement to think not just about what is going on in our own city or state or country, but what other peoples needs are and that we can really do something to help. When I learn about another people group it gets my mind out of the box so to speak. The world is much bigger than my own back yard!
I loved Greg's honesty in telling his story, he shares the mistakes he made, the gambles he made, and patient hope in fulfilling the goals.
Greg was willing to sacrifice much in his life in order to fulfill his promise to build schools, he is a man of integrity and certainly true grit.

Included in the book is a foreword by Dr. Jane Goodall, an interview with Greg's daughter Amira, a time-line, glossary, list of characters, discussion questions, information about Pennies for Peace, other books available, there are also many photographs throughout the book (several in color).
Paperback $8.99
Kindle $7.99
Paperback $8.81
Nook $7.99

Blissful Reading!

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