Thursday, February 10, 2011

Book Review: Ginger and the Mystery Visitor by Charlotte Voake

Published by Candlewick Press 2010/Ages 3 and up/40 pages
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I loved this book!
A little girl that has an adult cat named Ginger and a kitten notices a visitor peering at them through the window. This visiting cat that has been peering at them through the window eventually makes himself at home in their home one day. The little girl attaches a note to the collar of this cat for the owner. That is when the fun begins!

I liked the large and bold print of the lettering and the large watercolor images on each page. The artist gave expressiveness to the little girls face, as well as her bewildered cats and the confident visiting cat.
I loved the story and it made me laugh aloud! A very true tale, reminds me of my own cat Noelle! 

Blissful Reading!

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