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Book Review: Book One-- Bad Connection, The Secret Life of Samantha McGregor by Melody Carlson

Samantha McGregor has a rare "gift", she has vividly real dreams and visions. She must be careful who she tells because it seems most people assume the worst in her "gift". But, if she does not share her "gift" how else will she be able to help her friend Kayla?

Published by Multnomah August 15, 2006/256 pages

Price for paperback from publisher $12.99 and ebook is available

I could not find the book available @ Christian Book site but I did find the eBook version for $8.99:
Authors website:

An excerpt from Bad Connection:

Bad Connection is Book #1

Book #2 Payback

Book #3 Beyond Reach

 Book #4 Playing With Fire

Bad Connection begins with a heart racing adrenaline rush experience of a car crash. Almost 17 year old Samantha wonders how to put the pieces together of her experience as well as how to understand her mysterious "gift". The recent death of her dad, her mother's long hours at work, and her older brother Zach's penchant for trouble, has Samantha's home life lacking in peacefulness. At school she has a few close friends, but far from an active social life. She outwardly displays her Christian beliefs, most respect her. She is wise beyond her years, a thinker, an observer. She has the ability to perceive other peoples feelings and problems.
Samantha's friend Kayla has disappeared. Samantha cannot shake the horrible feeling that something has happened to Kayla. Then the dreams and visions begin.
What is the wisest choice for Samantha in how she can help?

The theme of this series in that Samantha McGregor has a God given gift for dreams and visions is certainly rare in Christian Fiction. I believe it is a subject that is misunderstood, fearful, often misused, and for some people taboo. The author brings out the various feelings about dreams and visions. Samantha being a teenager is dealing with all the angst of growing up, peer pressure, opposite sex, communication with parents, as well as her "gift".
At the back of the book is a list of books and websites on visions and dreams.
Samantha is characterized as a mature adolescent, that is not interested in rebellion as much as some of her peers. She has the ability to foresee consequences and this is admirable and encouraging for teen readers.
She seems to be more interested in quality relationships as opposed to a quantity of casual friends.
I liked this book, and thought it held strong points for young adult readers. I had already stated that Samantha is a mature and level headed teenager. I feel that she is a wise girl and gives encouragement and inspiration to readers. I also felt the story gave an enticing theme choice in a dominated young adult book world of vampires and occult. 

Blissful Reading!

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