Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Book Review: Everything I Was by Corinne Demas

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School and Library Binding $13.46
Kindle $9.99

Published April 2011
Carolrhoda Lab, Lerner Publishing Group
209 pages/Fiction, Young Adult

The publishing group Carolrhoda's aim is to promote "provocative boundary pushing literature for teens."

Irene is 13 and she lives in Manhattan New York City with her parents. They live in a luscious penthouse apartment. Irene attends a private school. Irene's mother has a strong penchant for spending money, and her doting and passive husband indulges her. When he looses his job their lives change dramatically.
They eventually move in with Irene's paternal grandfather. Even though there is tension in the home. The home is exactly what Irene has needed, a home, not a pampered palace.

I really liked this book and immediately became charmed with Irene.
She is not an overtly strong character, but believable.
She hides her emotions, stuffing them. She does not fully understand what has happened because her parents have hidden things from her and she is left to assume.
I liked the fact that she had a grandfather that loved her and listened to her---really paused and listened to her.
I disliked her mother. Hard to not be critical of her. Her dad needed to man-up. Pardon me I just had to let that out.
Irene is not only dealing with this life up-heave by moving, but she has a body that is developing from a child into a teenage girl. She also has angst about meeting new friends. She wants privacy yet wants companionship. She knows she has had something missing in her life yet did not know how to express it.
I saw 1 instance of cursing (I state that because I know some parents do care about this.)

Blissful Reading!

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