Monday, May 16, 2011

Book Review: See What I See by Gloria Whelan

A character to admire!

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Published by HarperTeen on December 28, 2010/208 pages
Young Adult Fiction

Kate Tapert age 18 has recently graduated from high school. She won a scholarship to art school, but needs a place to live. Her estranged dad the famous artist Dalton Quinn lives in the same city as the art school. After showing up at his house with her suitcase, she is greeted icily by him, yet she finds beneath his cold cruel exterior that he needs her.
Kate's plans are about to change!

I liked Kate Tapert's character. She has confidence, foresight, creativity, determination, charm, and she is intuitive. A father she basically does not know, and he pushes her away when she tries to draw close to him; yet she does not shrink back in what she sees needs to be done for him. In determined manner she sets to work for his behalf.
I found elements of the story sad in what happens all to often in marriages that end. There are unresolved feelings of anger, sadness, and bitterness that trickles down or pours down to the children. Often the kids feel the brunt of whatever went wrong with the demise of the marriage. The kids deal with the aftershocks, blow-ups, and lectures on what is wrong with the other parent. In Kate's character we do not see resentment, nor unforgiveness, nor rebellion. Instead Kate appears to have her life together. She is level-headed, has dreams and goals, and is resolute in what she wants to accomplish. She is an admirable character and one that a young adult person that is going through some of the same life experiences as Kate, can look up to and emulate.
I also feel the book gave the reader an education in how to deal with difficult people. That difficult people we encounter maybe taking out on us their anger, but most of the time the problem is within them, it has nothing to do with us, but something in them....and we cannot fix them!

Blissful Reading!

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