Monday, May 16, 2011

Texas economy suffers each time student drops out of high school

Article on drop out rate in Texas! Sobering.

Texas economy suffers each time student drops out of high school


Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

Wish our Texas legislators were thinking about this!

Annette said...

Yes, me too.
My husband was a high school drop out. He quit school when he was 17, he had a 9th grade education. During his early school years from suffering from a learning/reading disability, as well as a bicycle accident where he missed a lot of school, he was held back 2 grades because of these issues. Add to this he had parents that did not read, and they did not graduate from school either. It set him up as a young boy to not care much for school.
I am happy to say he got his GED after we married, worked many years as an automotive technician and went to all the schooling he could for mastering several areas in the automotive industry. Now he has a new career as a manager of a shop. But, even though he has succeeded in these areas, not having further education has hindered him from advancing further. He has had to compensate the lack of education for back breaking, I mean that literally, hard labor.
I feel strongly about education because we know from experience the real life necessity of it.
Thank you for your comment.