Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Book Review: Pictures of Hollis Woods by Patricia Reilly Giff

Hollis Woods has finally found a home she can "fit in with." But, circumstances beyond her control will threaten this little nest. Through her experience Hollis will learn things about herself she never thought possible.

Published by Scholastic 2002
For ages 9-12
176 pages

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By the age of 12 Hollis Woods has lived in almost 1/2 dozen foster homes. After settling in at each home she eventually leaves, scoots out the door, it's as if she has gotten "enough" and wants to leave A.S.A.P.
Then she is placed in to the home of an elderly retired art teacher, Josie Cahill. Josie has a moody cat named Henry. A bond quickly grows between Hollis and Josie. Often during the story Hollis day dreams of her previous foster family, she has conversations with Steven--he is her trusted confident. Hollis begins to understand that Josie's aging may make it difficult for her to continue living there and she worries about the future for both of them.

This book was made in to a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie in 2007.
It is a winner of the Newbery Honor Book award.

I loved the character Hollis. She is sharp, quick, witty, feisty, artistic, independent, and a scraper.
There is a tender spot in her heart that reaches out to Josie and for that I have kind regards for this young girl that has lived through many trials.
There were times early in the book that I was not sure if Steven was a real person, but the book does reveal the answer in time.
The book is touching. There is not physical displays of love, but the love the exudes from the heart of Hollis is memorable.

Blissful Reading!

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