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Book Review: Still More Stories from Grandma's Attic by Arleta Richardson

The Grandma's Attic series were written for girls ages 8-12. My own granddaughter Celeste that just turned 8 has really enjoyed reading this series. An 8 year old does not have the ability to give a critical review of a book, they just know if they like it or not. Celeste has expressed that the stories are funny, this means they hold her attention. They also encourage an interest in her mind to ask me questions about my own childhood.
When we share stories of our childhood with our children and grandchildren they then relate to us on a more deeper level than just as a parent or grandparent. We are sharing apart of our lives with them, we are speaking on their level, and they will feel we are more approachable because of this.

Grandma's Attic Series Book Three--Still More Stories from Grandma's Attic by Arleta Richardson
Published by David C Cook August 2011
160 pages/For ages 8-12

Mabel and her best friend and also partner in mischievous antics is Sarah Jane. The two of them live near each other, attend school together, and are the best of friends. Mabel and Sarah Jane live in the 19th Century, yet the experiences they have any girl of any age can relate to. For example they had a new idea for clothing, wanting to break away from their mother's views of what is appropriate, the two girls decide to try something "new". Their "new" idea backfires and creates more of a problem than they anticipated.
Weaved in to the stories which are meant to be entertaining to a young reader, are also hidden jewels of wisdom.
"I want you to know that there is a time for justice and a time for mercy. God doesn't give us the blessings of life because we deserve them but because He loves us." page 97
Mabel grows up to be the grandmother of the author Arleta Richardson. Arleta shares the stories that her grandmother told her when she was a young girl in the pages of the Grandma's Attic series.
I have enjoyed reading these books and I have one more review to post for Book 4.
My favorite story from this book is the first story told, face cream and wax....need I say more?

Thank you to David C Cook and B and B Media Group for my free review copy!

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