Thursday, September 29, 2011

Did You Know This Week is Banned Books Week?

I'm happy to be back blogging!
Shortly after moving in to our new home in mid August, my husband had surgery on his left shoulder to repair 2 torn places. He is still home recuperating, but gradually improving each day. It's difficult to read and especially to blog when I now have 2 people in my home to care for (my hubby, and my dad).

This is Banned Book week, did you know that? I'll not be diving off in to the political discussions about book banning. Personally I am a discerning reader, but not a book banner. I received an email recently from Redeemed Reader. They are on Facebook if you are interested, they also have a blog to read, and you can subscribe to their blog posts. Redeemed Reader focuses on Christian centered books for children and young adult. They lined up several discussions on the topic of Book Banning.

Link for the Beginning Discussion:

A second post entitled What Gets a Book Banned:

Another post entitled The Use and Abuse of Youth Literature:

They asked a question of their reader's on this topic that I am asking my reader's to answer.
If you could place one Christian kid's book in every library in America, what would it be? and why?

For more information about Banned Book Week:

Blissful Reading!

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